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HSBC Digital Banking has never been so simple

log-on page

From late March 2022 onwards, there will be enhancements to the way you log on to HSBC Online and Mobile Banking by batches. Please consider activating Mobile Security Key on the HSBC HK App and ensure your contact details are up to date.

If you're prompted to set up a 6-digit Mobile Banking PIN when you log on to the HSBC HK App, it means our new log on enhancements are ready for you.

Mobile Security Key

Available via the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app, the Mobile Security Key replaces your physical security device, allowing you to log in mobile banking easily. With the Mobile Security Key, you can generate security code to access internet banking service more quickly. Mobile and online banking would be safer and more convenient.

Key Features

  • Bank-grade security

    The Mobile Security Key has advanced security features designed to protect you and give you peace of mind

  • Faster access

    Log on more quickly with your Mobile Security Key so you can get things done more speedily

  • Biometric authentication

    Log on instantly and authenticate online transactions with Touch ID/Face ID on Apple mobile devices or fingerprint authentication on compatible Android™ mobile devices1

  • A simpler digital banking experience

    Use your Mobile Security Key to enable push notifications2 on the HSBC HK App. That way, you'll be notified when

        - you've been paid via Faster Payment System (FPS)

        - your new eStatements are ready

        - you've paid your credit card

        - your credit card bill is coming up


    You can also use your Mobile Security Key to enable 'Chat with us', so you can get in touch with us about your banking enquiries, without the wait. It's as easy as texting a friend


    Make payments via FPS more quickly just by scanning a QR code once you've activated your Mobile Security Key and registered for FPS

Haven't tried the HSBC HK App yet? Download today

HSBC apps icon; image used for HSBC Hong Kong mobile account opening and download HSBC Mobile Banking App.

Activation - Quick Guide

Tips for changing your device

Things to know before changing device

  • It is recommended that you have your old device with you when changing devices.
  • To log on to the app on your new device, you'll need to know your online banking username, 'memorable answer' and 'password'. (Note: Your Mobile Security Key password on the old device is NOT required)
  • If you've forgotten your 'memorable answer' or 'password', you can reset it by logging on to online banking and answering your pre-set security questions.
    1. Select 'Log on' on the HSBC website, then 'Personal Internet Banking'.
    2. Enter your username and select 'Continue'.
    3. Select 'Forgot your memorable answer?' or 'Forgot your password?' to reset it.
  • If you've forgotten both "memorable answer" and "password", please contact us via hotline for assistance.
  • The Mobile Security Key on your old device will be automatically deactivated, and the associated Mobile Security Key password will no longer be valid once you've successfully activated your Mobile Security Key on your new device.

Quick Guide

Enable biometric authentication

Enjoy a smoother, all-round mobile banking experience. With just a smile, you can authenticate your identity and access mobile banking in seconds using iOS Face ID*. You can also log on and confirm transactions with just a touch in the HSBC HK App using iOS Touch ID or Fingerprint ID on compatible AndroidTM devices1.

Activate the Mobile Security Key and enable biometric authentication today to make your mobile and online banking experience that much easier. To learn more about the associated risks of using biometric authentication, please refer to FAQs listed below on this page. 

*Available on compatible devices only.

Quick Guide

Verify your identity after Mobile Security Key activation

We have further strengthened our security measures to protect customers. After activating your Mobile Security Key, you may need to further verify your identity before you can enjoy full access to HSBC Online and Mobile Banking services. This does not apply to new customers# who activated Mobile Security Key on the same day they opened their account.

You may verify your identity using any of these methods: 

1. Via the HSBC HK App

You'll be prompted to verify your identity*using a one-time password (OTP) via SMS after you log on. This is only available at least 24 hours after you activate Mobile Security Key. 

Alternatively, you can also follow these steps: 

Step 1: Tap the profile icon on the top right corner.

Step 2: Under 'Settings and preferences', select 'Security' > 'Verify identity'. 

Step 3: Follow the instructions to complete the verification.


2. Via an ATM

Use the 'Verify identity after Mobile Security Key activation' function at any HSBC/Hang Seng ATM in Hong Kong.

Step 1: Select 'Other services'

Step 2: Select 'Verify identity after Mobile Security Key activation'

Step 3. Select 'Confirm'

Step 4. You will receive an on-screen confirmation that you have successfully verified your identity


3. Via our enquiry hotline 

Please call us for assistance.

HSBC Jade customers: (852) 2233 3033
HSBC Premier customers: (852) 2233 3322
Other customers: (852) 2233 3000


#New customer refers to customers who do not hold any HSBC accounts including but not limited to integrated accounts or credit card accounts in the past 7 years.

*This feature on the HSBC HK App will only be available with the latest version on or after 13 Jan 2022.

Generate security code – Quick Guide

Reset Mobile Security Key password – Quick Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Got further questions? You can find out more about the app and the Mobile Security Key on our FAQ page.


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