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How financially fit are you?

Shape up your finances, together with HSBC FinFit

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HSBC FinFit helps you to stay financially fit. Gain more knowledge and find out how to build habits that will help you boost your wealth now and into the future.

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How we measure your FinFitness

Our FinFit study* tested for 36 financial indicators across four pillars:

  • Financial habits

  • Financial knowledge

  • Financial planning

  • Financial security and safety

The data from the indicators was then moderated with our own HSBC data.

*Based on an online survey completed by 1,507 Hong Kong residents aged 18 to 64.

See how you measure up

How Hong Kong measures up

HSBC FinFit Index:


Based on our 2020 2H FinFit Study, people in Hong Kong scored an average of 66 out of 100 points on the HSBC FinFit Index.

Here are a few other insights from the study.

  • 59% had money worries in the past 6 months
  • There was increasing concern about pay cuts and income reduction
  • Only 66% had set aside savings that can last them 6 months in case of emergency
  • The top 2 financial goals were owning a property and retiring comfortably
  • An average of HKD4.7 million is needed for a comfortable retirement
  • Only 36% are confident they have sufficient funds for retirement
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How can you become more FinFit?

Well, it's much easier than you think. Taking these 4 simple steps can already make a huge difference.

Step 1:

Make saving and budgeting a habit

  • Set aside some money that can last you 6 months, just in case of the unexpected
  • Set yourself a budget and try to keep your spending within it

Step 2:

Manage your wealth wisely

  • Equip yourself with knowledge about financial products and planning so you can make decisions with more insight
  • Consider making investments to grow your wealth

Step 3:

Plan better for your financial freedom

  • Make preparations for your retirement and check back regularly to make sure you're on track
  • Review your financial plans regularly. Rebalance your portfolio and seek professional advice as needed

Step 4:

Protect yourself and your wealth

  • Update your risk profile annually so you understand your risk tolerance level and can make more informed choices when planning your finances
  • Set up security measures and make sure they're up to date so as to safeguard yourself against fraud

You too, can be FinFit

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