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How financially fit are you?

Shape up your finances, together with HSBC FinFit

How Hong Kong measures up?

HSBC FinFit Index:


Based on our 2021 FinFit Study, Hong Kong people remain financially fit by scoring an average of 65 out of 100 points on the HSBC FinFit Index, despite COVID-19 pandemic.

What are some key insights?

  • Only 61% have a saving habit, and 35% invest to grow wealth

  • Only 32% genuinely understand the concept of 'portfolio diversification'

  • 'Very fit' homebuyers take 9 years less than the 'unfit' to save enough for a down payment

  • Respondents who are 'very fit' are almost 5 times more likely to avoid investment losses than the financially 'unfit'

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How we measure your FinFitness?

The FinFit index adopts an algorithmic approach by combining external survey responses with internal customer data in a financial behaviour study. It covers four areas: financial habits, financial knowledge, financial planning, and cyber security & safety.

Financial habits

Day-to-day money management eg saving money, tracking expenses and paying bills.

Financial knowledge

Understanding of financial products and how to make the most of one's money.

Financial planning

Motivation or actions you take to plan for your future and reach your financial goals.

Cyber security & safety

Wise behaviour to avoid being suffered from cyber fraud.

How can you become more FinFit?

Automatically track expenses from all your HSBC bank accounts and credit cards with ease. Plan your finances and develop saving habits effortlessly.

Build habits for better financial wellbeing.

Explore a fun and rewarding way to improve your wellness—body, money and mind.

Know the difference between saving and investing.