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Age-friendly Banking

About the service

Hong Kong has one of the world’s longest life expectancies. Over 30% of our population is aged over 65.

The banking sector has an important role to play in delivering services that cater to elderly customer needs and help them and their families prepare for their financial future.

HSBC is committed to caring for the elderly by promoting ‘age-friendliness’. We have a range of tailored products, services and brochures to ensure that customers of all ages are able to access our banking services, stay vigilant about financial crime and be aware of the legal options available to support them in the years ahead.

Our Age-friendly Banking brochures

To help you bank with confidence and plan for a secure financial future, we've got three handy guides to age-friendly banking.

Managing money when living with dementia

In this guide, you can learn more about safely managing your finances if you're living with dementia. 


  • keeping track of your spending
  • remembering your PIN
  • setting things up so a family member can support you 


Age-friendly Banking

In this guide, you can find out more about:


How to protect yourself from scams

In our most recent guide, you can find out how to safeguard your money from common scams.

Get tips on:

  • different types of scams
  • how to tell if a call or message from your bank is genuine
  • how to report suspicious behaviour

The booklets are available in electronic format or hard copies in any of our branches.

Banking with us simpler and faster

To enable you to bank with us in simpler and faster ways, we also recommend the following banking services for you:

  1. Community Care Counter provides you with express counter service. In some of our branches we are able to open up additional counters, or offer you a counter with seat, a meeting room or a cubicle to help you with your transactions and other services
  2. Easy ATM provides you with larger fonts, more graphics and simpler work processes when using our ATMs.
  3. Voice ID uses advanced voice biometric technology to verify your identity with your unique voice. You are no longer required to use your phone banking PIN, which makes phone banking safer than ever.
  4. HSBC Mobile Branch helps us to serve the wider community by extending our service network to designated locations around Hong Kong. It provides a range of banking services from cash withdrawal, cash deposit, passbook update, funds transfer and more. Click here for the locations and service hours of the Mobile Branch.
  5. Digital Banking

A comprehensive range of Digital Banking services allow you to access your finances simply and securely, at anytime

HSBC HK Mobile Banking app

HSBC HK Mobile Banking app icon

Personal Internet Banking

A computer and mobile showing HSBC Personal Internet Banking

from HSBC

HSBC PayMe app icon

Easy Invest

HSBC HK Easy Invest app icon


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Smart Seniors

We also have Community Care Ambassadors and Smart Seniors stationed in every HSBC branch.  They are trained in providing support to different customers in need. If you are having any difficulty in using our banking services, please seek out one of our Smart Seniors for assistance.

Dementia Friends Ambassadors

In collaboration with the Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Disease Association, we have trained Dementia Friends Ambassadors at our branches to assist customers and families living with Dementia.