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HSBC Ultra Wealth Goal Insurance Plan

Enhance your wealth to power your ambitions

Our HSBC Ultra Wealth Goal Insurance Plan lets you enrich your wealth with long-term growth potential while safeguarding you with comprehensive life protection.

Opening up a world of possibilities

  • The opportunity for long-term capital growth with a guaranteed cash value at 85% of the premium you paid during the early years

  • Life protection coverage up to age1 99 with supplementary benefits

  • A policy value management option2 you can use to lock in a portion of your policy value if you need more financial certainty

  • The choice to extend the gift of protection by transferring your policy3 coverage to your loved ones

HSBC Ultra Wealth Goal Insurance Plan is a whole life insurance plan with a savings element underwritten by HSBC Life (International) Limited (“HSBC Life”). It is not a bank deposit or bank savings plan. Policyholders are subject to HSBC Life's credit risk and early surrender loss. Please refer to the product brochure for details.

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HSBC Jade and Premier customers

Limited time offers:

  • Get up to 5.3% off your first-year premium

    Offer ends 30 June 2022. T&C apply.

Are you eligible?

To apply, you need to meet both of these requirements:

  • be aged1 between 15 days after birth and 70 years
  • meet our criteria for nationality, address and residency (which is subject to change from time to time)

Additional information

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The above plans are life insurance plan underwritten by HSBC Life (International) Limited. Policyholders are subject to the credit risk of HSBC Life and early surrender loss.

Manage your policy

Manage your policy online

Access your policy details anytime, anywhere on both your HSBC HK Mobile Banking app and our Personal Internet Banking webpage, so you can check your benefits and coverage, premium due dates, projected future values and much more at your fingertips.

Make a claim

Sometimes life doesn't go according to plan and you'll want to make an insurance claim as soon as possible.


Simply call our Tele-Consultants at (852) 31280122 who will assist you in preparing your relevant claim request(s).

1 The policy anniversary at which the policyholder or the life insured reaches the specified age based on age at next birthday.

2 After the 20th Policy Year, if there is no outstanding policy loan or premiums, you may apply to exercise this option to lock in a portion of the Net Cash Value. The amount you choose to lock in is guaranteed upon exercising the Policy Value Management Option and will be allocated to the Policy Value Management Balance to accumulate at a non-guaranteed interest rate, which will be adjusted from time to time at HSBC Life's discretion. The exercise of the Policy Value Management Option is subject to the minimum amount requirements on (i) the Net Cash Value to be allocated per transaction; and (ii) the Policy Amount after the exercise of this option. Such minimum amount requirements are determined by HSBC Life from time to time without prior notice to Policyholder. Please refer to product brochure for details.

3 Each policyholder is entitled to the change of life insured of policy for up to three times after the third policy year or after the end of the premium payment period provided all premiums are paid when due, whichever is later. Change of life insured is subject to evidence of insurability and approval by HSBC Life which is based on the underwriting conditions of the life insured. Any such request will be assessed on case-by-case basis and is at our discretion, with consideration of multiple factors, including but not limited to the change in underlying claim risk, change in policy term, latest economic outlook; and is at our discretion.

4 Additional Accidental Death Benefit will terminate when the life insured attains the age1 of 80 or payout of the benefit or the Policy is terminated (whichever is earlier) subject to a maximum benefit limit of USD3,000,000 or its equivalent per life insured across all additional accidental death benefit issued by HSBC Life. Please refer to the policy provisions of the supplementary benefit for detailed terms and conditions and exclusions.

5 Total Basic Plan Premium Paid refers to the single premium paid under the basic plan (whether or not actually paid) as of the date of death of the Life insured. Please refer to the Policy Provisions for detailed terms and conditions.



HSBC Ultra Wealth Goal Insurance Plan is a life insurance plan underwritten by HSBC Life (International) Limited (“HSBC Life”) which is authorised and regulated by the Insurance Authority ("IA") to carry on long-term insurance business in the Hong Kong SAR. Please refer to the product brochure for detailed features and the policy provisions for the detailed terms and conditions.

HSBC Life is incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability, and is one of the HSBC Group's insurance underwriting subsidiaries. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited ('HSBC') is registered in accordance with the Insurance Ordinance (Cap. 41 of the Laws of Hong Kong) as an insurance agent authorised by HSBC Life. This product is a product of HSBC Life but not HSBC and it is intended only for sale through HSBC in the Hong Kong SAR. Your benefit is subject to the credit risk of HSBC Life. If the policyholder discontinues and / or surrenders the insurance plan in the early policy years, the amount of the benefit he / she will get back may be considerably less than the amount of the premium he / she has paid. Your premiums paid will form part of HSBC Life's assets. You do not have any rights or ownership over any of those assets. Your recourse is against HSBC Life only.

In respect of an eligible dispute (as defined in the Terms of Reference for the Financial Dispute Resolution Centre in relation to the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme) arising between HSBC and you out of the selling process or processing of the related transaction, HSBC is required to enter into a Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme process with you; however, any dispute over the contractual terms of the above insurance product should be resolved between HSBC Life and you directly.