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Exchange rate calculator

Use our currency calculator to see the exchange rate between currency pairings such as HKD to USD or RMB to AUD

Foreign Exchange & Time Deposit Offers:

Exchange currencies and place them in a 1-week time deposit to enjoy up to 11% p.a. preferential interest rate via HSBC HK App, branch and phone banking. T&Cs apply. Currency conversion involves risk.

Calculate your currency exchange


The calculation result shown above is indicative only, the exchange rate is rounded up to the last 4 decimals,  the received amount is based on full exchange rate. Preferential exchange rates of different major currencies combinations are available to HSBC customers. Please logon to your Personal Internet Banking to view your preferential exchange rates.

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Trade anytime, anywhere with the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app.

Currency conversion risk - the value of your foreign currency and RMB deposit will be subject to the risk of exchange rate fluctuation. If you choose to convert your foreign currency and RMB deposit to other currencies at an exchange rate that is less favorable than the exchange rate in which you made your original conversion to that foreign currency and RMB, you may suffer loss in principal.